Wilmington, Delaware


Exterior main entrance monument


Philadelphia Pike entrance to a corporate office
location with client branding on both sides.


Client: BlackRock, Inc.

Location: Wilmington, DE

Material: Native stone base supporting
black granite with stainless steel pin mounted
logo letterforms


Exterior naming, client headquarters


Shown at left: Park Avenue Plaze building signage

The client's building naming privelage required
re-creation from our photographs of the original

Avant Garde letterforms.


Client: BlackRock, Inc.

Location: New York, NY

Material: Stainless steel letterforms with internal
second surface color coordinated vinyl


Main entrance to a major facility entrance


At left, an existing monument with the previous
client branding was concealed with this metal
surround following a corporate acqusition.


Client: BlackRock, Inc.

Location: Plainsboro, NJ

Material: Matte black painted aluminum panels
using light-reflective logo letterforms
for night time visibility

Architect: Frank Wilkinson


Boutique signage for a venerable merchant

A new retail location needed signage using the
shopping area's standard of oval shapes.


Client: A.R. Morris

Location: Greenville, DE

Material: Color match painting on formed
composite material. Window graphics announce
the brands within the retail space.

Architectural designer: Laurie Grimmelsman


Exterior illuminated signage for a new building

Exterior illuminated signage along a major interstate
corridor conforming to local code lighting standards.


Client: Artesian Water

Location: Wilmington, DE

Logo letterforms with LED illumination
against a roof mounted hanging backdrop
Architect: Mary Severino

Photo: Ed Cunicelli

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