Whale Tail Cloud, 2016-2021. What one thing and now it is this. Happier this way. Iridescent acrylics and mediums over birch wood panel support. Cirrus cloud formation glimpsed from a bike ride. 12 inches square by 2 inches deep. Unframed. Ready to hang, ready to ship. $750.00 plus insured shipping, free local delivery.  

Whale Tail Cloud, 2016-2021. Oblique view; eased edges are painted with a soft iridescent acrylic. Unframed, ready for hanging. 12 inches square by 2 inches deep. $750.00 plus insured shipping.

Whale Tail Cloud, 2016-2021. Detail of iridescent color to capture a Cirrus cloud formation.

Whale Tail Cloud, corner detail. Oblique view of eased edge painted with a soft ever-so-slight pink iridescent acrylic.

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